While we forge ahead…

Adventureland Finance
2 min readMay 8, 2021


Photo by Joni Gutierrez — Dr Joni Multimedia on Unsplash

This week has been a little bit of everything. First, we transitioned all LP mines to Pancake V2 LPs and upgraded our exchange to utilize V2 Pancake Swap. In addition, we removed the two CAKE mines and the CAKE shop to provide a better yield to the other mines and shops. And added the ability to send your exchanged tokens to an alternate address.

We have gotten a lot of requests and suggestions. So, to better determine what the community desires most, we set up governance voting. For example, we want to add some more vaults. So, tweet us some suggestions, and will we add a vote to pick one. Feel free to create a proposal for the community to vote on!

What’s next?
We are working on the weekly quests. In addition, we will have more details about the new premium token, Adventurers Sigil, coming out soon.

We will be removing one of the stablecoin LP mines and corresponding shop; we will add a vote to decide which to do first. Finally, to offer a stablecoin option for long-term growth, we will be looking into adding a 4belt vault and corresponding 4belt shop to stake for PP.

Sneak peek!
We have been working on designing out our NFT gear system. This will include a forge for crafting and upgrading your gear, adventures to test your strength and earn materials, and an auction house for trading your NFT’s with other adventurers.