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3 min readApr 7, 2021


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Hopefully, this will be the first of many articles we get to provide. We have many great ideas and are excited to start sharing them with the community. There are several things we are currently working on; let us get caught up!

Our priority is arranging an automated burn and lottery. We feel having this will help with initial pressure. We are looking to get this out very soon.

What’s next? Fixed-Term Vaults

With inflationary pressure and everyone wanting to make a buck, we knew we would need to find a way to bring money from outside Adventureland back in to benefit the community. We decided to go with a yield aggregate with a weekly locked pool.

This is the general concept of the feature.

The idea is that every week a new vault would go live. This vault would use new farms each week from farms like Goose Finance, PancakeSwap, etc. (There is no partnership or link with either of these). Doing this would allow us to bring money from outside Adventureland and reinvest it into our tokens.

Each vault will scale the number of premium tokens awarded based on the amount of liquidity provided. There will be a limited number of premium tokens per vault, based on a hard maximum as well a maximum based on the total % mintable.

Premium token?

The new premium token would have a fixed supply, no pre-mint, and backed by Platinum Pieces. Doing this allows us to use the vaults’ earnings to buy back as many PPs as we can. You will be able to turn in your premium tokens at any point and receive the PPs that back them. Turned in premium tokens will be burnt, and the only way to get them will be via the vaults.

Initially, we are thinking about adding a new shop with a high yield for these to be staked in. We have ideas on integrating them into other features, but we are still working through all of them.

The amount of PP that backs an individual premium token will fluctuate from week to week. Each week, we will pool the vaults’ earnings with the rest of the PPs backing the new premium token.

Examples to clarify:

Week 1: generates 1000 PPs (after buyback and burn) and 10 premium tokens rewarded.

1000 PPs / 10 Premium token = 100 PPs per Premium token

Week 2: generates 3000 PPs (after buyback and burn) and 20 premium tokens rewarded

4000 PPs / 30 Premium token = 133.333 PPs per Premium token

Week 3: generates 1000 PPs (after buyback and burn) and 20 premium tokens rewarded

5000 PPs / 50 Premium token = 100 PPs per Premium token

We would love your feedback and thoughts. Please feel free to contact us on our Twitter/Telegram.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdventurelandF1
Telegram: https://t.me/AdventurelandFinance