Until the next adventure

Adventureland Finance
1 min readJun 1, 2021


Photo by Gennadiy G on Unsplash

Thank you for all of the support in the journey so far. Unfortunately, our situation has changed. Due to unforeseen technical requirements, shift in market, fees, and the sheer amount of time to make our vision come to life. We won’t be adding anything new to the current system for the foreseeable future. We cannot maintain or add to the system at this time.

We will be keeping the website up for a couple of months at least. All liquidity is locked, and we will put all funds we have in the fee account and developer accounts into buyback and burns over the following weeks.

It has been challenging for us all, and, unfortunately, we had to come to this decision.

In the future, we hope to come back to this project when we are capable of giving it the attention it deserves.

Our apologies and thanks for all the support.