A storm is brewing..

Adventureland Finance
2 min readMay 15, 2021


The dwarves and the Adventurers Guild are on high alert with increasing orc activity in the local area. They can feel that this long peaceful time is coming to an end.

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

After our last weekly post, our TechRate audit came back! With this milestone now complete, we have been working on finalizing all of the details in several different areas. Our first vote came out on which stablecoin to remove first. DAI was the winner(loser, some may say). So the DAI LPs and token will be getting queued up tonight for removal shortly after 4 AM UTC on the 16th. The other stablecoins will be removed over the next couple of weeks in the order they fell in the vote.

TechRate: https://t.me/techrate_audits/126

Stablecoin Vote: https://bit.ly/2QmpbRH

We also finalized the Adventurers Sigil tokenomics and released information on the specifics. We have been hard at work on finishing the rest of the details surrounding weekly quests. We set up a new vote to determine which LP/Token should be used for the first weekly quest. Vote to let us know what you would want most!

First Weekly Quest LP/Token Vote: https://bit.ly/33LzW2T

What’s Next?

As we are wrapping the weekly quests, we had some final details to go over.

Weekly Quest Timeline:

Day 1: The first 24 hours deposits will be open. You are free to withdraw, without any additional fees from us, during this time. Any earnings made during your time staking will still stay in as profits for the other adventurers.

End of Day 1: The amount of Adventurers Sigils being created is determined based on how much value has been locked after the deposit time window.

Day 2–7: During the rest of the week, deposits will be locked. You can still withdraw but will be charged a 5% fee on your returned assets. 4% of this fee will be redistributed to the adventurers still in, while 1% will go to the project’s treasury.

End of Day 7: At the end of the week, Sigils will be ready to be claimed. Profits will be converted to WBNB shortly after, depending on network speed. A fee of 6% will be taken for repurchasing PP to be burnt and used to support the project. A portion will immediately be converted to PP and sent to the Guild’s Treasury along with the remaining WBNB. Then, a new weekly quest will begin.

Over the next 6 Days: The remaining WBNB within the Guild’s Treasury will be converted to PP. At any time, you will still be able to turn in your Sigil to get the backing PP. (If part of your backed value is still in WBNB, it will be converted to PP before returning it)